General Search Tips

Searching For Class/Boat Names:

In most cases, boats are generally listed using their class designation rather than the manufacturer or builder name. For example a BENETEAU FIRST 456 will be listed as FIRST 456(BENETEAU) since, in this case, Beneteau was the only builder. A PEARSON TRITON would probably be listed as TRITON 28 (PEARSON) although this yacht was built by more than one company. One could also go to the builder LIST section, or the builder SEARCH section and find Pearson Yachts. All the boats built by Pearson should be listed within that title. The link to this yachts would also show up by browsing or searching the designer section by ALBERG and go to the listing for Carl Alberg where the link would also appear.

Designer List Search:

Designers are listed by LAST name OR, in some cases, a design FIRM name. (Sparkman & Stephens). By entering the letter S in the text form, all designers with a LAST name beginning with S, or firm names beginning with S. When you select a DESIGNER record, you will see all BOAT records in the database for that particular designer. (if any exist). Not ALL BOAT records are linked to a particular designer.